We would like to inform all our guests that due to the new data that has emerged our hotel is following and adhering to all the conditions of safe operation in accordance with the health protocol and the guidelines of national and international health institutions with a view to protecting guests and workers.

For the use of the indoor pool, all the protection rules for Covid-19 apply.



Part of the measures is as follows:

  • • Continuous natural ventilation with fresh air in rooms and in all shared spaces. Central air conditioning units use fresh external air to heat and cool the whole building.
  • • Diligent cleanliness and decontamination of all rooms and spaces in the hotel using special disinfectants and steam equipment where necessary.
  • • Continuous provision of cleaning and sanitary equipment such as masks, gloves and other similar disposable products, and of antiseptic fluids for workers and visitors.
  • • Full compliance with the rules concerning the minimum distances between the tables and the seats our customers may use and the maximum permissible number of visitors to the hotel's shared spaces.
  • • Special operating procedures and provisions only with predetermined appointments and for a specific period of time as well as special care for the areas of the spa and gym as well as seminar rooms to avoid overcrowding and compliance with hygiene and decontamination measures.
  • • Training and updating of workers on new health and operational data in all parts of the hotel, such as reception of raw materials and commodities, preparation of products, cleaning of premises, method of servicing,communication with guests and emergency management.
  • • Also new hours for check in from 15.00 and check out until 11.00


The overall planning of the operation of our hotel focuses on the adherence and implementation of all health and safety rules, but also on the well-organized and collected management of the hotel

For these reasons and for the protection of public health, a personal data file is kept for hotel staff and customers.



For more information about our health policy against Covid-19 please contact us at info@orizontestzoumerkon.gr